i'm Astra (fae/they/she), and i'm making keyboards that i want to exist.

here's what i'm working on:

Sidewalk | layout

progress: prototypes and cases are rad!! more soon

an ortho 40% with ergodox-like side keys. inspired by the Boardwalk, which is Too Bigsurprisingly usable for a 40%!40s users are a cult and this is how i got indoctrinated

Quirk | layout | v2 layout

progress: on third run of prototypes! tweaking things for a v2.

a 60/40s-kit-compatible ortholinearwide modifierspeople will be like "what the heck"

Quirk-C | layout

progress: using prototype

a Quirk, but with choc switches instead, spaced for MBK in 1u and 2u only (will be updated when MBK Extended exists)a side project, a whim, a diversion. i just think chocs are neat. also i need something flatter for work

Lonely Rolling Star | layout

progress: case design, working on wireless version

30% choc ortho, with visible partsway too small to be used, but fits in a large pocket, or a small bagback plate has a place for a cell phone charm

Positron | layout

progress: prototype built!! wow ridiculous

75% ortho for people with key loss anxiety – "the ortho with mortho"thicc, with a full set of f-keysstarted as a shitpost

Misc | layout

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